We are very excited to complete our Festival Season 2014, through which we presented some of the best films for children and young people at the cinemas in Karachi and Lahore, a true celebration of some of the best films made for and by children and young people from around the world.














Bringing the world to Pakistan

It feels good to win the hearts of nearly 42,000 children and youth with world's best films in 2015 Karachi and Lahore International Children's Film Festivals. Share the joy with us!

We are very excited to complete our Festival Season 2014, through which we presented some of the best films for children and young people at the cinemas in Karachi and Lahore, a true celebration of some of the best films made for and by children and young people from around the world.
Let’s entertain, inspire and educate!











We presented 169 films from 45 countries
The world responded to our submission call, we had 1160 films from 66 countries.


We presented a range of films, that included all genres like animation, fiction, short and feature films, documentaries and specially some made by children themselves and even a special selection of films made by young children of Pakistan.


This gave a chance to our emerging young filmmakers to express their views and promote themselves as young artists.















In Cinema

We were very excited to organize the Festival at the Cinepax Cinemas in Karachi and Lahore this year, bringing high quality viewing experience to our young audience.



































Over the past six years working on the Film Festival, We are amazed to see the children respond to the films and potential for developing the festival further.


A media literacy program is in place especially for under-privileged children and young people living in community shelter homes and from public schools.


We have developed an arts education integration program using film and new media for teachers, which focuses on how to use film in classroom setting to engage children for active learning.


We are also conducting workshops in film-making and digital storytelling with children, the first of its kind in Pakistan to introduce the creative media to children to express and share.




































































Audiences kept coming in greater numbers. The response to the 6-day Lahore International Film Festival was so great that we were completely sold out before the festival began and the audience demanded to extend the festival for another 6 days. And so we did!


What made us feel a sense of achievement is that our audience included children from all kinds of socio-economic backgrounds. Excited, smiling faces flooded in from not only public and private schools but also orphanages, community and foundations schools.


The Festival has grown up, as so many children who have been attending it since last six years. We look forward to many more years to come.













Inter School National Film Making Competition

The Little Art invited children from all over Pakistan to participate in the first inter-schools “National Filmmaking Competition 2014”.


Through this competition, we gave students, young and teens an opportunity to showcase their talent in an International Festival and earn recognition for them while representing their schools.


We received a total of 24 films from cities across Pakistan made by young children and we selected the best of the submitted films to feature at the Lahore International Children’s Film Festival this year. The selected teams were also given mentoring support through a Film Making workshop by The Little Art where they were given trainings on aesthetics and producing quality films.
















Festival Highlights

Features (Live Action)
Feature (Animation)
Short Films (Live Action)
Short Films (Animation)
Pakistani Films (Under 18)
Pakistani Films (Above 18)
Total Films
169 films were presented from 45 countries


42,000 people attended the film festival in Karachi and Lahore, including children, young people, families, caregivers and teachers.


56 shows of world’s best educational and entertaining films for children and young people of Pakistan


Winner Films of 6th Lahore International Children's Film Festival

Feature Film Live Action

Gabriel (Poland)


Feature Film Animation

The World of Goopi and Bhaga (India)


Short Live Action Short

Bobby (Tunisia)

Short Film Animation

The fantastic flying books of Mr. Morris (USA)


Pakistani Film

Youth of Pakistan



Once Upon a Tree (Netherland)


Film Made by Children

Children of the World (India)
















Grand Opening 6th Lahore International Children’s Film Festival

Lahore International Children’s Film Festival was opened on 9th November 2014 at Faletti’s Hotel, Lahore


The chief guest was the Minister of Education & Youth Affairs Punjab – Mr. Rana Mashood Ahmad Khan and honorable guests of the opening ceremony included, veteran play writer, Mr. Asghar Nadeem Syed, Mr. Usman Peerzada of Rafi Peer Theater Workshop and Mr. Adeel Hashmi, TV actor, producer and screen writer who spoke at the event.


Films made by Pakistani students were selected to screen at the festival this year were awarded certificates and prizes by the honorable guests.


Haseeb Hashim (13-years old) from LACAS Burki Campus made the film “Youth of Pakistan” and won the Inter-school National Film Making Competition 2014.



Winning entry for Pakistani Film

Youth of Pakistan – Haseeb Hashmi

Haseeb’s film “Youth of Pakistan” was a hopeful and inspiring story about the young people of Pakistan striving in their lives to become achievers and giving support of education to others in need. The film also spoke volumes about the hard work and compassion needed to become successful in life.


Haseeb also went to the TV program with Festival Director Shoaib Iqbal


















Building the Festival

The Little Art has developed an extensive outreach in schools for the Festival and its arts education projects. Apart from maintaining a sophisticated database of our education partners, we keep a good PR to serve the students and educational community through out unique initiatives.


The festival’s message reached to nearly 550 private and public schools of Lahore and Karachi through its publicity campaign.


The festival’s message reached to nearly 550 private and public schools of Lahore and Karachi through its publicity campaign.


80,000 brochures, containing the program brief were printed and distributed.


3,000 posters were distrusted and placed in schools, family outlets, books store.


A team of 80 volunteers worked with the festival in the publicity outreach and event management throughout the festival events.


Students from these institutions worked in various capacities with The Little Art in the Festivals.


  • 1National College of Arts
  • 2Lahore Beaconhouse National University
  • 3Lahore University of Central Punjab
  • 4Lahore University of Management & Technology
  • 5University of the Punjab,Lahore
  • 6University of Lahore
  • 7School of Creative Arts,Lahore
  • 8University of Engineering and Technology,Lahore
  • 9Kinnaird College,Lahore
  • 10Lahore School of Economics
  • 11Government College University,Lahore
  • 12University of Central Punjab,Lahore
  • 13University of Karachi
  • 14Indus Valley School of Arts, Karachi
  • 15C-Cube, Karachi


The Cinepax cinema venues in both cities were buzzing with color, excitement and fun throughout the festival events. Children were engaging with each other talking about the films they had seen and having their pictures taken by the festival volunteers.


The Festival was sold out in its first run (10-15 Nov, 2014, at Cinepax) of 6 days in Lahore, we ran it again on-demand and were sold out for another 6 days (1-6 Dec, 2014, at DHA Cinema).


The festival was extended on audience requests and was taken to the DHA cinemas in Lahore to run another 6-day show which was once again sold out. Children lined up and could hardly contain their excitement for the magical day that awaited them.







The event was an excellent opportunity to invoke feelings in the young minds, about the intricacies of life.
Ms. Nausheen Jamla- Lahore Grammar School, Johar Town
“I truly appreciate the fact that the festival puts in so much effort to put together an event that caters to the children of different age-groups, their learning span and interests.
Ms. Irfan- Salamat School System, Elementary Campus
Through the short powerful films, the children learnt about confidence, belief and courage which are values that take years to teach and inculcate in children.
Ms. Mariam Kamran- Bloomfield Hall School
This is one of largest entertainment ventures, specifically for children’s educational entertainment in Pakistan, and we are so happy to see it grow over the years, this will have such long-term benefits to the intellectual well-being of our children.
Mr. Armughan Hassan- Freelance Filmmaker
Within a day of the festival, the children got a glimpse about world cultures and their curiosities have been triggered, this will definitely lead them to gain more knowledge of the world.
Ms. Anam Nadeem- Salamat Girls School
This event has taught us as teachers how to educate children in more creative and innovative ways.
Ms. Khan- APS Garrison Junior Campus
This festival is a great effort in developing a love for the arts amongst the youth of our country.
Ms. Fauzia- Azam Garrison Girls Campus
Our children are starved for entertainment and this festival gives such a unique opportunity to be entertained as well as be exposed to so many viewpoints, and the more they will be exposed to different ideas, they will be able to form their own opinions of good and bad, which is vital for independent and creative human beings.
Ms. Amber Hammad- Visual Artist

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