In Pakistan, like various other countries, school is considered the prime source of information and knowledge for children. We believe that today’s environment where our children are growing, has transformed the concept of learning as well. Having exposure to the world helps children and youth to make them understand their lives in so many ways and films are the best source to enjoy this experience of learning.

Films opens a window to the world that might be unknown, it tells us stories that can inspire us, it gives us instances of joy that we as children might remember for the rest of our lives. It also enlighten us in various ways, by introducing us to other cultures, language and dresses, it makes us tolerant to diversity this world has to offer.

With the inspiration of such ideas, Shoaib Iqbal, the founder of the festival created Lahore International Children’s Film Festival in 2007, with a greater purpose to make children and young people experience quality films and arts on larger platforms, learn from it and create memorable instances, that can generate and inspire the debate of using arts education in Pakistan, and the value of meaningful experiences in a child’s life.

The festival grew each year since its inception with valuable inputs of a number of filmmakers, artists, sponsors, volunteers, and, most importantly, its audience, largely comprising children and young people.


The major objectives of the festival are;

  • To entertain, inspire and educate children through films
  • To encourage global diversity, peace and tolerance by screening the best of local and international films for Pakistani children and young people
  • To promote media literacy among children and young people through workshops and dialogue
  • To support children in raising their voices through creative expression where film is a medium
  • To nurture and inspire local filmmakers to produce films to children in Pakistan

Lahore Intl. Children’s Film Festival is project of The Little Art