For the very first time The Little Art created an outreach program with the support of CKU Denmark including reaching out to children and youth with arts and cultural activities in far off regions such as Tando Jam and Tando Allah yar in Interior Sindh.

In 2015, TLA joined hands with RETO foundation (Reach, Engage, Transform the Outreach) with it’s arts and culture outreach plan. RETO Foundation is a registered non-profit organization which aims to make opportunities more visible for everyone through the platform of education and technology.

Both organizations partnered to organize visual arts workshops with children in low cost schools that otherwise have not experienced formal arts education workshops. RETO’s project SHADES council which elects area representatives for its outreach activities was engaged to do marketing for the first International Children’s Film Festival ever to be organized in the region.

Visual Arts workshops

In January 2016, The Little Art team organized 5 visual arts workshops with children of ages 8-14 years. RETO provided support with engaging its team of volunteers in managing the workshops and TLA workshop trainers conducted the 3 day visual art workshops in each school.

The workshop was conducted from 18th – 23rd January.  3 teams conducted the trainings on three consecutive days with children from 3 low cost schools. 2 other teams were engaged with primary and middle school children from 21st to 23rd Jan.

Nearly 350 school children from 5 schools were trained through the workshops.

International Children’s Film Festival – 2nd to 4th Feb

The Little Art through its partnership with RETO foundation for the very first time produced a 3 day festival for children youth and families in the region of Tando Jam. Audience came from surrounding areas of Tando Allah Yar as well to experience the festival.

It was the first time ever an international film festival especially for children and youth. A total of 10 shows featuring 77 films from 24 countries were showcased. The program was designed for all age groups from 4 to 18 years with short films, live action, animated, feature and documentaries.

There was a total attendance of nearly 2,100 children and young students, teachers and families.




  • Film Festival is very nice, we have learned a lot from it.
  • CBH Boys We learn to never give hope said by ali from st. paul school Death sail movie was awesome.
  • The dance we love it at the end of the movie said by the children of Bukhari Public School.
  • A little girl said Pen is my best friend from now on after watching a short movie “Penchaat”.


“We are thankful to The Little Art Organization that they collaborated with us to arrange this big event for students in interior Sindh. Moreover, our student council, Shades, is the major factor behind event’s success” said by Usama a Teacher and member of RETO Foundation.

This is a very good initiative by The Little Art and we are thankful to them for bringing such a nice event to this area of Sindh where no one can think of having an International Children’s Film Festival with short but informative and educations movies

said by the Mr. Nisar Principal CBH School.

Not only children, we learnt a lot from these films. Respect, Love and Culture that we saw in this movies are outstanding

said by Mr. Saeed a school teacher

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