Quality films to entertain inspire and educate children and youth

Pakistan’s largest annual children’s film festival, host the flagship event in Lahore and screens quality films to thousands of kids every year across Pakistan

Presenting the best of local and international films for children in genre such as shorts, animations, documentaries and child-made films.

Let’s entertain, inspire and educate!



Since the inception of the festival in 2008, we have managed to screen over 713 films from nearly 80 countries, to over 410,050 children. The festival has traveled to cities like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Multan, Peshawar, Faisalabad, Gilgit Baltistan, Jamshoro & Tando Jam in Interior Sindh and Bhakkar in rural Punjab.


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I’m so excited about the movies being showcased in the festival. It will be a fantastic experience as it promotes positive social and cultural values. It’s the best thing for me to know that these films, being showcased are made by children to encourage them towards creativity.
HE Heather Cruden - Canadian High Commissioner
I encourage children to explore their hidden talents and express themselves and share their ideas with others, and I appreciate the efforts being made here by The Little Art to give all children a platform for expressing themselves, be it through film, theater, visual arts or any other medium
Mr. Imran Peerzada-
Denmark is proud to be supporting arts and culture organizations in Pakistan, particularly ones working with children and young people through arts and media like The Little Art who understand how important it is to foster creativity amongst young people, for these young people are the ones who will be making decisions for the world tomorrow.
Ms. Helle Nielsen- Charge d’ Affairs, Embassy of Denmark
I feel that my thinking ability was increased from the workshop, it also enhanced my skills in learning tolerance of everyone’s ideas and working together as a team
Bushra Aslam- Teacher
The festival is organized very well, the team and volunteers are very helpful. I believe here they are not only learning from the films but also how to interact with different children and people socially.
Mrs. Rehman- Teacher from Newlands School
Today media is so strong, no matter how much we try to teach them in class they only learn quicker by watching through such mediums.
Tooba Qausar - Teacher
The films were short and informative and really demonstrated the importance of education, caring for others and the significance of relationships.
Ms. Ayesha- Teacher- Educators Schools System
Little Big George was my favorite film and the main character was the best. It was a film about not letting go of your passion and dreams.
Bisma- 12 year old student - LGS
I was really emotional after watching some of the films today, they were really touching stories of how children live in other places of the world, like this film from Iran where a boy writes a letter to his late father and sends it to the sky. It was a beautiful film.
Nida- 16 year old student
I really enjoyed watching the international films for children with my junior class, it was a wonderful experience learning through a different medium. We watched films made by children on the environment and climate change, wildlife animals and all students learned in a fun way.
- Teacher from TNS Pre-school
The event was an excellent opportunity to invoke feelings in the young minds, about the intricacies of life.
Ms. Nausheen Jamla- Lahore Grammar School, Johar Town
I truly appreciate the fact that the festival puts in so much effort to put together an event that caters to the children of different age-groups, their learning span and interests.
Ms. Irfan- Salamat School System, Elementary Campus
Through the short powerful films, the children learnt about confidence, belief and courage which are values that take years to teach and inculcate in children.
Ms. Mariam Kamran- Bloomfield Hall School
This is one of largest entertainment ventures, specifically for children’s educational entertainment in Pakistan, and we are so happy to see it grow over the years, this will have such long-term benefits to the intellectual well-being of our children.
Mr. Armughan Hassan- Freelance Filmmaker
Within a day of the festival, the children got a glimpse about world cultures and their curiosities have been triggered, this will definitely lead them to gain more knowledge of the world.
Ms. Anam Nadeem- Salamat Girls School
This event has taught us as teachers how to educate children in more creative and innovative ways.
Ms. Khan- APS Garrison Junior Campus
This festival is a great effort in developing a love for the arts amongst the youth of our country.
Ms. Fauzia- Azam Garrison Girls Campus
Our children are starved for entertainment and this festival gives such a unique opportunity to be entertained as well as be exposed to so many viewpoints, and the more they will be exposed to different ideas, they will be able to form their own opinions of good and bad, which is vital for independent and creative human beings.
Ms. Amber Hammad- Visual Artist

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