Young Jury from Pakistan Goes to Italy

Lahore International Children’s Film Festival sends a delegate of selected young people to be part of international jury at Giffoni Film Festival in Italy to represent Pakistan.

The Giffoni International Film Festival is the largest children’s film festival in Europe, and possibly the world. It takes place in the little Italian town of Giffoni Valle Piana in Campania, Southern Italy. Over 2,000 children attend the festival from 39 countries around the world. The Festival runs from 12th July to 22 July, 2017.

During the festival, the children and teenagers watch the films, learn about the filmmaking process, and are called to judge them and award the best ones with prizes.

Omar Ijaz Khan, Senior Manager Programs from The Little Art is managing the delegate.
Here is what the young jurors has to say about their selection and what they hope to learn from the experience.

Furheen Shazib

“With what is going on in the world today, especially for children growing up here where (most of) our elders teach us to hate one another, the Giffoni Film Festival celebrates tolerance and the acceptance of differences whether it is a difference in religion, race or nationality. The festival is very prestigious and hence, being part of the jury is very special for me.

I hope to learn from the experienced, talented filmmakers and actors as well as from my fellow jurors. To be part of an international film festival is a huge deal and it will certainly benefit me for not only my career but also it will also help me gain confidence as well as a sense of responsibility.”

Shehzmani Shams

“One would think that having attended Giffoni once before, two years ago, the experience wouldn’t be the same and one wouldn’t be that excited; but the case is entirely different to me. It almost feels as if this is the first time I’ll be attending the Giffoni Film Festival if not better. Two years ago I made a home in the mere span of ten days and I’m truly blessed to get the opportunity to visit that home once again- emotions are heightened for this one.

Giffoni Film Festival allows an individual to reinvent themselves- it helps one to find themselves- which is vital to one’s existence. The festival also allows an individual to look at things with a different angle- in essence; it teaches a person the true meaning of “everything happens for a reason”. Giffoni Film Festival not only helps somebody learn about the beauty of cinematography, but also a thing or two about themselves- each lesson lasting forever.”

Haseeb Hashmi

“Since it is my first solo international trip, I am super excited about it, from making new friends to interacting with people of different culture, countries and religion!

I think being a part of Giffoni experience is a great experience itself and ofcourse this opportunity will help me in future by developing confidence, improving my Cv and applying for international scholarships for further studies.”


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